who is tbd?

The Bello Development Media was started for small businesses needing to ramp up sales. We started this business because we knew that there were people that needed help and didn't know who to turn to. It is for the business that realizes they are sick and tired of being told that they "cannot" do something.   


The past few years have created a spotlight on transparency that is here to stay. However, as transparency has gone from curiosity to cause to crusade, some important details and intelligence have been lost that prevent brands from achieving the most direct path to transparency and improved results in the process. Here are some ways marketers can increase transparency and display returned value for brands.


Results are Important

Traditionally, we've had little knowledge of whether advertising has returned value for a brand. "We bought TV ads and sales went up!" didn't inspire confidence in anyone with some basic deductive reasoning skills. Not only did we not know if, or to what extent, an entire campaign worked, but we surely didn't know from network to network or show to show where we derived value.

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